The difference between a kiteboard and a wakeboard.

What is the difference between a kiteboard and a wakeboard and can I ride a wakeboard using a kite?

Lots of people ask this question.First of all, I want to say that it is quite hard to use a wakeboard for kiting, but it is okay to use a kiteboard for wakeboarding, however, this is uncomfortable, this will not give you any opportunity to improve your skills and your kiteboard will not last very long.

The point is that there are two differences between these boards that are mutually exclusive:

A wakeboard rocker (bend) is so huge that it does not let you approach and go upwind when using it for kiting and vice versa: a small kiteboard rocker and its rigidity make it harder to land, pass the figures and trampolines in a wake-park. Because of the same reason it is hard to make any tricks when riding on a kiteboard with a boat: wakeboards that are made for riding with a boat are even more tough and bended than the park ones and have deep redans and canals on their bottom.

Wakeboards for park-riding have a special slider on their bottom that is especially made for riding over trampolines, figures, rails because it improves the slipping. Of course you can ride trampolines with a kiteboard without a fin, but there is a big chance of stucking that will decrease your speed. And how long will the bottom last? I think it will not last very long…

So let's sum up the discussion

However, you have to clearly understand that:

- this will not be about any progress

- you have to be extremely patient 🙂

- you have to be prepared for the board to be damaged

All in all, if you want to be progressing both in kiteboarding and wakeboarding, do not regret your money and buy two different boards. That is our humble opinion.


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