Twin tip hardness

You might think that this topic is old, but we have to answer quite frequently questions about twin tips hardness.

Let’s figure out what is a hard board good for, and what’s a small one good for and other variations.

So, obviously, hard ones are faster, give more emphasis before a take off. Geometry of the bottom that is in contact with upcoming flow will not be changed by deflection that leads to speed and emphasis. By the way, boards for non-compromise wakestyling are specially made hard and with a deep rocker: because speed, maximum emphasis and soft landings are necessary in this style. But as we know already these boards are not for freeriding and newbies. These ones are for the professionals 🙂

So what’s for soft boards, are they that bad?

No. They are perfect for calm, comfortable freeriding, they are fine with chops, do not splash, forgive some mistakes to newbies. But high jumps are pretty hard when using these ones and wakestyle tricks as well.

Can these boards be combined in order to find a compromise?

Yes. And some producers make them quite good. We for example make the middle part of a board pretty hard and soft tips. All of these, in combination with hybrid rocker and developed bottom makes it easier to deal with chops and provides good emphasis at high speeds, perfect release. All in all, you can freeride comfortably as well as jump freestyle. And the progress will increase.😉


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