Flat or relief kiteboard bottom.

What bottom is the best? Flat or relief?

Let’s find out their advantages.

As for the flat one:

Easy to make, lower price.

Ability to easily learn such tricks as surface pass (spinning on the water surface with a plank passing behind the rider's back). Without fins a flat bottom will allow you to quickly understand the basics of this trick because it will be very easy to slide.

What’s for the relief bottom?

I should mention that by that I understand the presence of reedans, canals and V-keels on tips.

Fins are not in contact with water sometimes during approaches. This might be due to the incorrect standing or waves. A relief bottom always does its best in this case. By the way it allows you to use smaller fins that easies entering and leaving water. This is actual when riding with boots.

Better landings, stability.

Canals are small concaves that positively affects early glissing.

In our humble opinion, the advantages of a flat bottom are not as good as the advantages of a relief one. Not just by their number but their qualities. That’s why our pick is obvious: reedans, canals and V-keels obviously are necessary for a good board both for freestyling and freeriding.


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